Recess Programs

Our Approach

1. Review – We observe your current recess structure, assess the spaces used (both indoor and outdoor), and discuss current challenges at recess with teachers, lunch staff, paraprofessionals and everyone else involved.

2. Collaborate – After a thorough review, we sit down with your school administration to define the goals of the program, map out the use of the spaces available more effectively, and plan the personalized implementation of the program.

3. Implement – Before starting the program, we coordinate a professional development day with paraprofessionals and lunch staff to help define roles and explain the goals of the program. Following that, we are ready to begin the program!

How It Works

KING coaches (2-4 depending on the size of the school) run organized activities during recess time in clearly defined areas of the yard.

Coaches offer several unique game and activity options, facilitating the participation of students with a wide range of interests.  While many children choose to join the games, others can utilize the designated free-play area to coordinate games on their own (usually, ones they have learned from KING coaches!)

KING coaches help with the transitions from lunch to recess and recess back to the classroom.

The Results

  • Increased active participation and inclusion during recess.
  • Students return to the classroom ready to learn.
  • A sharp decrease in bullying and increases in prosocial behaviors.
  • Safer play during recess (fewer injuries).