Field Day Programs

Our Approach

1. Review – We observe your on-site space, research other workable spaces in the neighborhood, prepare permits and discuss the goals of the event.

2. Collaborate – After the review, we’ll create a map of the designated space, discuss games and competitions available, and evaluate the equipment and resources required for the event.

3. Implement – Before starting the program, we provide a proposal based on the agreed upon terms. Following that, we begin to develop the event program.

How It Works

Planning starts and is coordinated in the months leading up to the event with attention to all details.  A strong focus on planning, timing, and transitions help the day of the event run smoothly.

Communication with school staff emphasizes roles of support staff and volunteers and how best to work collaboratively with KING coaches.

KING coaches (5-25 depending on the size of the school) run organized field day games and competitions during the designated timeframe.

KING coaches facilitate setup, cleanup, games, activities and award ceremonies (optional).

The Results

Creates an atmosphere of community, camaraderie, and school pride.
Increases in sportsmanship and prosocial behaviors.
Fostering school spirit.
A fun filled day for all students, staff and families involved.