KING Speed

KING SPEED offers NYC schools, families, and communities the highest quality running and track team programming. By providing athletic opportunities for all students, we strive to improve individual speed and endurance by focusing on overall athletic development and incremental goal setting to maximize potential. As students learn to compete as a runner and support their teammates, young runners begin to cultivate a lifestyle that encourages health and fitness.

KING SPEED Program Options


Option 1: KING Speed Running Club
Inclusive running club Fitness, biomechanics, endurance, and speed Goal 5K race Fall and spring semester seasons

Option 2: KING Speed Track Teams
Inclusive track team Fitness, running efficiency, endurance, and speed 4-6 races per season Fall, winter, and spring seasons


Option 1: KING Speed Track Club
Competitive youth track club Two weekly training sessions 4-8 races per season Cross country, indoor, and outdoor track

Option 2: Free Open Runs with NYRR
Weekly community 5K runs @7PM Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 6

Option 3: Track and Field Clinics
Learn the basics of endurance training, sprinting form, running drills, and field events

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