Donating just a few hours of your time per week will not only make a difference in a child’s life, it will make a positive impact on yours too! By taking part in our programs, you will have the chance to leave your footprint on the communities closest to you.

Purpose: The position of Weekend Coach supports children in the Kids in the Game sports skill development program for elementary and middle school students. The coaching program is designed to encourage, guide and train youth through organized sports.
Key Responsibilities: The Weekend Coach works with kids in our sports programs to teach the skills necessary to be part of a successful sports team. The Weekend Coach assists the Head Coach by helping to improve the children’s technique, teamwork and leadership through skill-building drills and games.
Purpose: The position of Events Volunteer supports the Kids in the Game programs on weekday afternoons and weekends. These can be one-time events, multiple times per week or weekly sports skill development clinics for elementary and middle school students.
Key Responsibilities: The Events Volunteer works as administrator during programs handling registrations, sign-ins, photography and any setup or breakdown necessary. Event volunteers may also assist coaches during activities as needed (setting up cones, keeping the facilities tidy, etc.).
Purpose: The position of Sports & Fitness Mentor supports children in the Kids in the Game sports skill development program for elementary and middle school students. The mentoring program is designed to empower youth through quality mentoring relationships.
Key Responsibilities: The Sports & Fitness Mentor works one on one to develop a relationship and engage in activities that will provide mentees with a better foundation in the designated activity. The Sports & Fitness Mentor will build a relationship with one child in the Kids in the Game community and participate in the designated activity.
Purpose: The position of After-School Tutor supports Kids in the Game’s educational program for elementary school students. The tutoring program is designed to help elementary school students achieve academic success.
Key Responsibilities: The After-School Tutor will work with a select group of students to provide assistance in multiple academic subjects, assist students to develop a better understanding of homework assignments, review completed assignments, and provide positive feedback on the student’s progress to encourage the student’s continued focus on academic excellence.

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Programs For Our Schools

These are some of the core programs that KING typically works with schools on throughout the year. These become a part of the school day and our team becomes part of yours!

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Programs For Our Familes

Growing up a King Kid means participating in our summer camps, sports clinics, special events, movement classes, or one of our travel teams!

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KinG Hoops NYC, an affiliated partner of the Kids in the Game, will be conducting an 8-week skills academy at Léman Preparatory School in Lower Manhattan. The skills academy begins on Saturday, March 21th

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