Our Story

Kids in the Game is dedicated to developing New York City’s youth by providing opportunities through sports and fitness to the schools and communities we serve. Our goal is to develop the next generation of leaders by developing healthy habits, an active lifestyle, and promoting personal growth through play and competition.

During the school year, KING organizes and operates school programs in dozens of schools around New York City, offering recess, after-school, physical education, early drop off fitness, and sports instruction. In addition, KING operates summer camps, sports clinics (basketball, soccer, volleyball), and special events.

Program Benefits & Impact

  • Stronger Athletes

    Our program emphasizes skill development in specific sports, as well as the sports performance and core components of being an athlete – coordination, footwork, strength, speed, and agility.
  • Stronger Students

    Our schools and families consistently report that joining the Kids in the Game directly impacts their children’s performance in the classroom. Active kids make for better students.
  • Stronger Leaders

    Stronger Leaders: Kids in the Game is focused on developing leadership skills through competition – by learning to work as a team and participating in healthy competition, we are building our next generation of leaders.
  • Stronger Schools

    Schools consistently report that since implementing the Kids in the Game program their school has seen a dramatic decrease in bullying and trips to the nurse’s office. Why? The children are learning inclusive games and concepts such as teamwork, spatial awareness, and sportsmanship.
  • Stronger City

    Our programs span across all of NYC, serving public, private, and charter schools as well as families from all neighborhoods and backgrounds. We are rooted in our communities and partner with some of the city’s most recognizable sports-based organizations to deliver our programs.

Our Team

KING Board of Directors: Matt Murphy, Michael Murphy, Peter Wen