Smiles for Miles: What Parents are Saying about KING Summer Camp

With summer right around the corner, everyone's got camp on the mind. Here's what parents are saying about last year's Kids in the Game Summer Camp!

Didi N. - 5 Stars on Yelp

"This is an awesome summer camp which encourages your kids to be active and fit. Their philosophy is centered around getting kids involved in sports and physical fitness. I am a true believer of kids being active and long term effects. The staff is caring and enjoy working with kids. Children get to try different sports and learn basics of teamwork and effort. Both of my daughters, 4 and 6 participated last year and can't wait to go back this year! It is also affordable by NYC standards. This gem will not remain hidden for long!!"
Amanda S. - 5 Stars on Google
"The Summer camp on the UWS was amazing! The counselors are engaged and work hard to make it fun for the kids. All the counselors learned all the kids names even if they weren't in their group so it felt like a community which makes the kids feel special and I think makes it safer for the kids especially on field trip days. There are lots of activities including sports, games and even a popsicle break on a hot day. My daughter was up early every morning & couldn't wait to start (we arrived before the staff some days) and she insisted on staying in the after care because it was so fun. The field trips to major league baseball games and museums were just the icing on the cake. I can't recommend this highly enough for high energy and athletic kids it's a dream come true."
Jessica L. - 5 Stars on Facebook
"We signed up our 4-year-old for one week last summer, and she loved it so much that we promptly signed her up for two more weeks. The kids played sports and games outside everyday, and there were indoor activities like arts and crafts, and special activities like tap dance. It was what we wished school could be like. The coaches are very sweet with the kids and made sure their water bottles were always filled up and that they brought them when they went to the park. One thing that really surprised me was how kind an accommodating the staff were - it was clear they really seemed to want to make things easy on the families. They had a sign-in sheet and sign-out sheet for drop off and pick-up, and every day ended with a Popsicle. One special thing to note for prospective parents of campers: my kid was wiped out every day... Which was awesome and made an early bedtime a breeze and my summer that much more enjoyable!"
Elida M. - 5 Stars on Yelp
"Really good program, professional staff. All sweet, kind but at the same time firm. My daughter participated on their summer camp last year - she can't hardly wait for the summer 2016."
Thor W. - 5 Stars on Facebook
"Kids in the Game has been great for my 4 yr old daughter, who has some medical issues. The staff is pleasant to work with and super helpful in navigating particular needs. Also, it's the most affordable camp in the neighborhood, which means a lot! We're looking forward to another great summer!"
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*All reviews have been sourced from public Yelp, Google and Facebook pages.

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