KING and Adelphi join forces through Fellowship Program

Kids and the Game has partnered with Adelphi University's Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD) Fellowship program. As part of the Fellowship, students spend their days working part-time with an SBYD organization. At night, students attend classes at Adelphi University’s Manhattan Campus; pursing a tuition free M.A in Physical Education or M.S in Sport Management, while specializing in Sport-Based Youth Development. As part of their studies students take courses in grant writing and funding, program evaluation, youth development theories, management, marketing, organization and administration, and more. In addition to their studies, fellows gain valuable hands on experience through their field work with partner organizations. KING is extremely lucky to have not only a Fellow join us this year, but also have a member of last year's graduating cohort join our full-time team. Meet Amanda and Charnelle.

Amanda Borbee is a recent graduate of the Adelphi University’s Sport Management and Sports-Based Youth Development Fellowship program. She joined KING this past summer as a Summer Camp Sports Specialist and now works for KING as a PE teacher for Citizens of the World Charter School among various other programs. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the program and we are excited to work with her and build on our partnership with Adelphi.

Amanda can still remember the moment she realized which direction she wanted to take her future career. She was standing in front of her Intro to Sport-Based Youth Development class presenting her final project, a layout of a youth development program she had designed. Exhausted from the practice she had just run to class from, with ice packs on both knees, she stood in front of the class and realized how much she cared about what she was presenting. The idea of a Sport-Based Youth Development (SBYD) program, which uses sport as a tool to foster positive development in youth beyond their sport skills. As her knees went numb from the ice and she stood there, she realized that this field of SBYD was the reason she had decided to pursue a degree in Physical Education. From then on, she continued to study and dive into the field, specializing in Sport-Based Youth Development while pursuing her Masters in Sport Management through Adelphi University’s Sport-Based Youth Development Fellowship.

Amanda has now joined our KING family. So, imagine her excitement when she found out that the 2017-2018 school year marked the start of KING as a partner organization in the Adelphi University’s Sport-Based Youth Development Fellowship. This year’s fellow is Charnelle Wray. She joins our staff making an immediate impact with our KING Speed program and many school programs.

"I get the chance to go to different schools to coach recess and still Coach track and field with KING Speed which is something that I love. Having these options makes KING the ideal program to gain in-the-moment coaching experience while working in different dynamics. I'm excited because this fellowship has giving me the opportunity to take the concepts I'm learning in class and gives me the platform to apply it in real life." -Charnelle

The Fellowship is an amazing opportunity for students to take what they are learning and apply it first-hand in their programs, but they aren’t the only ones who benefit. As a partner organization, we at KING gain valuable coaches that are doing more than just working. We have coaches who are learning about the newest theories, strategies and tactics to improve our programming, enhancing the impact our programs have on youth.

At KING we believe in not only developing our youth, but providing our Coaches with opportunities for growth as well. As a partner in the Adelphi University’s Sport-Based Youth Development Fellowship we have the opportunity to provide students with the chance to further their education. Providing them with the same opportunities of growth that they work to provide for our youth.

“We are excited to begin partnering with Kids in the Game this year for our Sport-Based Youth Development Fellowship! This fellowship is an innovative design that is a win-win for all involved, with students gaining practical experience that enhances their learning in the classroom and our partner organizations benefiting from the growth and development students gain through this degree. We are fortunate to have such stellar partners like Kids in the Game, where our students, as KING Coaches, are actively involved in transforming the lives of youth through sport and fitness.” – Dr. Meredith Whitley, Assistant Professor and Sport-Based Youth Development Coordinator

“Our partnership with Adelphi brings together young professionals and provides them an opportunity to gain real life experiences. In addition, we gain quality coaches that are training to become leaders in the field of Sport-Based Youth Development” – Wilson Rose, Kids in the Game Program Manager

As the 2017-2018 school year progresses, we will continue to highlight and follow the impact our partnership with Adelphi University has on our programs and the youth we serve

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