Join Us! KING Health and Wellness Bucket List

Each month Kids in the Game has a different theme to tie into our recess, after school and enrichment programming. For October the theme is “Health and Wellness”. Now as a sports and fitness based organization, this one seems pretty simple! But just as our kids need reminders that French fries are not vegetables and Gatorade is not water, we wanted to create something for our coaches to remind them to make healthy choices too (and have a little fun in the process!).

For the remaining of October, we have created a Health and Wellness Bucket List and we want to challenge you to join! Take the time to think about your own healthy habits and remember changing small habits can go a long way…let’s do this!

#1- Ride your bike to work! Or go for a bike ride around your neighborhood or through the park.

#2- Walk across a NYC bridge! For our non-New Yorkers, go for a walk in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the fresh air and the scenery of your hometowns!

#3- Get 15k steps in a day
• Bonus point for 20k+
• Did you know most phones track your steps for you? Check out the Health App on your phone!

#4- Choose salad for lunch! Make sure to add some protein!

#5- Run or walk a 5k- in a race or on your own!
Here is a link on how to find races near you!

#6- Cook a healthy home-cook meal… half credit if someone else cooked it for you!

#7- Record how many ounces of water you drink for 3 straight days.

#8- Go to a fitness class that you have never tried before (yoga, cycle, rowing!)

#9- Share the KING Hoops crowd fund on your social media pages… charity is good for the soul and good for your wellness.

#10- Eat a couple pieces of your favorite Halloween Candy because let’s face it… balance is important too!

Teaching our kids about health and wellness is important. But living healthy lifestyles ourselves is just as important. Kids watch and learn from everything that we do and being positive role models in all aspects of life is key. Be sure to check out our social media accounts (link them here) for updates on how our coaches are tackling these challenges.

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