After the school day ends, KING offers two types of structured curricula to give children exposure to a variety of activities, as well as provide the academic support they need to succeed in the classroom.


1.Review – We observe your after-school operations, assess available spaces (both indoor and outdoor), and discuss with administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals the best solutions to suit your students needs, both academically and extracurricular.

2.Collaborate – After a thorough review, we sit down with school administration to define the goals of the program, decide on the most effective structure, and plan the personalized implementation of the program.

3.Implement – Before starting the program, we coordinate a professional development day with teachers, paraprofessionals, and other after-school staff to help define the goals of your KING program and about how to work collaboratively with our coaches.  Following that, we are ready to begin the program!


KING coaches run organized activities during after-school hours in designated areas of the school and yard. We have 3 typical offerings:

  • All-encompassing curriculum: Combines homework help, dance, music, sports, and fitness games into a daily program.
  • ‘A la carte’ option: Working collaboratively with your school’s vision and culture, KING will provide specialty classes in specific sports, music, dance or other fitness activities.
  • “KING Inclusive” – A year long after school curriculum laid out to introduce an array of team sports and movement concepts throughout the school year. (Like a PE curriculum for afterschool).


  • Increased physical activity and improved physical fitness.
  • Skill development across an array of activities.
  • Productive, prosocial development during formidable after school hours.
  • Improved test results (for our academic-focused programs).
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