8 ways to be a KIND Kid today and every day!

With negativity plaguing the internet our Kids in the Game wanted to remind us all that there is always time to be kind. We asked an array of participants in our various after-school programs two simple questions, "How can you show kindness?" and "What does kindness mean to you?". What we got in return are heartfelt, raw, and admittedly hilarious answers that give hope that kindness is our future.

"If someone was alone at school, I would go play with them. You can also clean your sister's room... she would LOVE that. And mostly, be a good listener, listening to others is what being kind is." -Steve, 1st Grade

"Kindness is being nice to everyone no matter what they look like" -Evan, 4th grade

"Kindness is being nice even when you don't want to." -Taylor, 3rd grade

"I share!" -Marvin, Pre-K

"It is kind when people help me with my homework. It's unkind when other kids play around during class, because people like me want to learn. I can be better at not fooling around too, especially during taekwondo class because I don't want to get kicked in the face for not being careful. Kicking is also just not kind."-Teagan, 2nd Grade

"I can help people that are being bullied by standing up for them. I can also be kind to old people because they have trouble hearing and seeing plus they are nice to me."-Roberto, 1st Grade

"Giving friends hugs." -Ja'Cobe, Pre-K

"By being nice to my family and cleaning the walls with my mommy, because that's my job. My mommy is kindness to me. Oh, and I have another kindness: when I play with my daddy and my daddy plays with me." -Scarlet, Pre-K

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