KING Program Highlight: Mount-Carmel Holy Rosary

Mount-Carmel Holy Rosary or better known in our office as MCHR is a PreK-3 through 8th grade school in East Harlem. KING currently runs the after-school program at MCHR led by our fearless program manager Tracey Lewis. MCHR is a member of the Partnership School Organization and arguably has the cutest school uniforms of all time. Along with the uniform cred, MCHR has been shining in the after-school game as well. Here are some highlights and shoutouts that you need to know about:

1) Program Highlight: PreK Chess Club: Yes you read that correctly, at MCHR the PreK kids are better at chess than (more than?) half our staff. Chess club is just one of the extracurricular activities offered at MCHR, others include homework help, STEM projects, and sports activities.

2) Kid Highlight: Mayalee is a kindergarten student at MCHR. She is an active participant in all after school activities and was an easy choice for KING Kid of the month. Mayalee takes working on her homework very seriously and always asks great questions when she needs help. Her math and reading skills have improved tremendously because of her eagerness to learn. Keep up the great work Mayalee, we love seeing that smile everyday at MCHR!

Scarlet is a Pre-K student at MCHR. A few words her coaches use to describe her are: listener, hard worker, compassionate and kind friend… those are some awesome words! She demonstrates genuine love and kindness to everyone whom she interacts. We are so grateful that we get to work with Scarlet and watch her grow up as a Kid in the Game. You are a role model Scarlet!

3) Staff Highlight: This Staff Rocks! Our staff at MCHR is a wonderful group of coaches that love spending a part of their day at this school. Laughter and learning fill the air between structured dance routines, art projects, and sports games. The bond between our coaches and the after-school students at MCHR is undeniably strong and we know that our coaches gain just as much from the students as they do from yes. We are very grateful for the partnership with MCHR. Thank you coaches for all your hard work!

4) UNICEF Kid Power Update: In January we started the UNICEF Kid Power Training Program with MCHR 4th-8th graders in the after-school program.(need a reminder of what this is? Click here!) Since starting the program the kids at MCHR have taken over 197,000 steps, earned over 3,800 power points, and donated 382 food packets to underdeveloped countries. Let’s keep cheering them on… keep on stepping, skipping, running, and playing!

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